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Best results after:
Approximately 4-8 treatments
1-2 weeks apart

Risks and Side Effects

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Same Day

Procedure time:
30 - 60 Min

Related Treatments
Body reshaping
✓ Stubborn fat
✓ Pain
✓ Fatigue
✓ Water retention

Your lymph system helps rid your body of waste and can sometimes become blocked or sluggish. Lymphatic massage technique uses gentle, rhythmic strokes towards the lymph nodes to help rid the body of waste. Lymph nodes are located throughout your body – but there are certain areas with an accumulation of nodes (e.g. under the arms). Your muscles are not the focus in this type of massage.

Lymphatic massage accelerates the drainage of lymph, wastes and broken down fat that has been deposited in the lymphatic system thus helping you in removing excess and stubborn body weight.

It can help improve digestion, boost your metabolism, reduce pain and increase energy levels
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