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V Metall Skin System is composed of  two different products:
•Metall Mask
•Metall Hydroserum

A special silicon mask, for the  modulation and conveyance of the  active ingredients composing the  products, is also supplied in V Metall  Skin System.

Metall  cover
Metall Cover is the special  occlusive silicon mask to apply  on the face in combination with  the film, Metall Mask.

Its elastic and resistant  structure allows it to perfectly  adhere to the skin, increasing  the hyper-oxygenation of skin  tissue and making the active  substances penetrate in depth.

V Metall Mask is a film composed of  active substances with specific  focused actions
Ingredients with biostimulating, illuminating and lifting actions:

Ingredients with hyper oxygenating, emollient and detoxifying  actions:
Helix Aspersa polysaccharides
LS-2497 illodine

Ingredients with a compacting, toning and sebum-normalizing  actions:
•Lactic acid 0,1-3%
•Mandelic acid 0,1-5%

Metall  Hydroserum
After applying Metall Mask, skin  is highly permeable and  receptive.
Metall Hydroserum nourishes  cells in depth, improving the  quality of the extracellular  matrix and conferring an  immediate and long-lasting  lifting effect.

Unique Benefits
Starting from the first application:
•visible improvement of skin quality
•Softer skin
•Refined texture
•Brighter looking skin

After a complete application protocol:
•Stretched contours
•More tonic skin
•Attenuated wrinkles
•Smoother skin
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